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Beautiful French Bulldogs XL Mousepad / Desk Mat, Frenchie Dog Lover

Beautiful French Bulldogs XL Mousepad / Desk Mat, Frenchie Dog Lover

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Elevate your workspace with our captivating Desk Mat Mouse Pad, showcasing a masterpiece of artistry featuring three French Bulldogs in the style reminiscent of the renowned artist Tarkay. Set against an abstract backdrop that exudes Tarkay's signature aesthetic, the Bulldogs' rich oranges, browns, and blacks blend seamlessly into the sophisticated palette.

This fusion of artistic brilliance and functional utility adds a touch of elegance to your desk. Crafted to perfection, our desk mat is fashioned from a sturdy 4mm thick neoprene material, ensuring both comfort and durability.

These captivating designs are created by FlooredbyArt, and they offer a personal touch like no other. You have the freedom to customize these pieces with names or your very own sentiment or quote, making them uniquely yours. Add that special touch and make a statement with your individual style.

The anti-slip backing ensures stability during your work hours, while the carefully hemmed edge guarantees long-lasting usage. Available in two sizes – 12” × 18” and 12” × 22” – this multifunctional masterpiece brings the grace of French Bulldogs and the allure of Tarkay-inspired art to your workspace. Experience the harmonious blend of form and function as you immerse yourself in the world of artistry every day.


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