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Live Life in Color! How Art Can Improve Your Daily Wellbeing

Color therapy in your home.

Mother Garden Flowers in Watercolor

Have you ever noticed how, when you walk into a room, your mood can instantly change just by looking at your surroundings? Greens and blues transport you to a place of calm and serenity, while adding a pop of red or orange can instantly lift your spirits.  A burst of color on a dreary wall or an artfully designed throw blanket on your couch or chair can bring you comfort or joy. A memory of a friend or a loved one, a touch, a smile... If so, you have probably experienced this phenomenon. When we surround ourselves with art, we are engaging in a process that is not only about aesthetics but also involves an entire psychological game.

Art is more than decoration.  

Watercolor raccoon on a denim jacket.

Art is more than decoration. Art is an expression. It is the act of bring together the things in your life that make a statement about you. It brings you comfort. I make the rooms around you home. Studies have revealed that living in an environment that is visually beautiful may help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Promote your creativity, and improve mood and bring comfort in times of stress. Imagine arriving at your house at the end of a challenging day to find a room that is vivid, filled with art, and serves as a peaceful haven.

What colors calm you

Beautiful rugs to soothe the soul.

What colors calm you? What hobbies make you smile or bring you joyful memories?  Would you love to come home to a room that looks like you walled into a heavenly garden? Or share a colorful blanket with someone special? Colors and subject themes distract the mind and allow you to calm your thoughts. You create a haven where you can start to release stress.

Live Life in Color with Art.

At FlooredByArt Studio, we believe that everyone should have affordable art all around them. Not just on the wall, but on the blanket, the pillow, the lamp, the mouse pad...  It should be on your favorite comfy, soft t-shirt, leggings, or hat. You can reach for a sweater or jacket that expresses your love for animals and wildlife.  Dogs, horses, and cats. Herbs in the garden, or spring's first bloom of flowers.  I create new art for home or wardrobe every day. The collection is constantly changing. Sign up for my email newsletter if you want to see what is new!

Art is not just for museums

blue oyster painting

Art is for you. Art adapts itself to what you need at any specific moment. You don’t have to go to an art gallery to see works of art when you can surround yourself with it every day. Advances in printing technology have opened the door for grassroots artists to showcase their artwork in more ways. While a pillow or a blanket will never replace the time and effort that goes into a beautiful oil painting, the color and impression of uniquely created art for the home or wardrobe can still fill your heart.  You can surround yourself with the things that bring you joy.

Make your space a work of art.

Are you ready to change your room? How about your office space?  My collections are full of beautiful things that will make your home look great and novelty clothes that make you feel good about yourself or your hobbies. Check out all of my stores here.  I try to give you several options for where you like to shop, including my own personal website or four stores on Etsy.

Don't forget that the best places aren't just seen; they're felt too.

You can see all of my art theme products on my website here:  I also share art multiple times per week on instagram

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