A few word about us and our mission...

Welcome to FlooredByArt, a place where artistic expression meets utility. Our store offers a variety of items with original artwork that let you express your personality and love of art.

Let's begin with the background of our store's name. Although the hashtag FlooredByArt may seem strange, it has significant value for us. As a self-taught artist, there are several pieces of art that frequently leave me breathless and in amazement. The phrase "Floored By Art" refers to the sensation of being completely overcome by an emotion, stunned, and awed by the power of art. It's a moniker that has traveled with me on my artistic journey, ringing in my ears like an old buddy who has evolved alongside me through the years.

I had the option of naming the store something more hip or clever, but I made the decision to stick with my roots. Since FlooredByArt has consistently supported me in my creative activities, it just felt right to use it for this next phase of my life.

My love of the arts inspired me to experiment with digital art techniques, which opened me a world of opportunities. The huge array of museum art that is now available to everyone motivated me. I spent endless hours searching through the creations of both modern and long-forgotten artists, and I came across undiscovered jewels that ought to be recognized by more people.

Our shop is all about fusing the old with the new, where classic works are given fresh life. I painstakingly choose illustrations that perfectly express the spirit of great pieces of art so that you can appreciate them in many ways. Each product, from trendy t-shirts and hoodies to lamps, rugs, mouse pads, and desk mats, provides a chance to showcase an artist's genius in a useful and appealing way. We think that the important things in life shouldn't ever be monotonous.

I take great satisfaction in providing individualized attention and first-rate customer service as a one-woman business. I've developed my abilities and established a superb reputation over the course of my more than 30 years of practice, routinely receiving five-star evaluations on websites like Etsy and eBay. I'm on a new adventure right now to produce creative works that reflect my unique vision. By sponsoring FlooredByArt, you get more than just a one-of-a-kind piece; you also get the guidance and experience of a seasoned practitioner from start to finish.

We appreciate you stopping by our store. I'd want to take you along on this thrilling journey where art and utility merge. Together, let's appreciate the beauty of unique artwork and show off our unique personalities through well made products.