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The Intensely Beautiful Works of Hassam Childe - American Impressionist


The Intensely Beautiful Works of Childe Hassam - American Impressionist

Fredrick Childe Hassam was an American Impressionist painter who was born in 1859 and died in 1935. He was a leading figure in the American Impressionist movement, and his works are renowned for their intense beauty and vivid colors. He is remembered as one of the most influential American painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Who is Childe Hassam?

Childe Hassam was born in Hingham, Massachusetts and was the eldest of five children. He studied art at the Lowell Institute and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Hassam, began to paint in the Impressionist style when he 

By Haeseler Photographic Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. - or, Public Domain, to New York in 1883. Keeping with the times gentlemen artists, he became a member of "Ten American Painters" also known as "The Ten". This group was a  club of American Impressionists who exhibited their works together. (read more here)


Childe Hassam was a prolific painter,

who produced more than 2,500 works in his lifetime. He is best known for his vibrant landscapes and cityscapes, which often featured bright colors and bold brush strokes. He was also a master of light and shadow, creating works that were both beautiful and evocative. His works are now considered to be among the most iconic American Impressionist paintings.

Old is New Again!

Maréchal Niel roses by Hassam

Influenced by French Impressionism, Childe used bright colors and bold brush strokes that sparkle even today.  His use of color and light and pattern to produce and image is masterful. Today in our age we have machines that can produce art with just a few words into a computer. But the roots of all artists are found in the men and women that produced and balanced light and color by hand, spending days, weeks or months on one piece.  

Keeping the Legacies Alive.

"History includes so much; but if not seen, not studied, not loved, it dies."

Childe Hassam, like so many of artists of history, left behind an enduring legacy in the art world. But as with everything, this legacy will die if not tended, explored, shared, and loved. That is what FlooredByArt is about. Here, in our store, we search out and find the artists that are not getting the attention their work needs and deserves. Our rich legacies of art and artists, include so much history, but if not seen, not studied, not loved, it dies. 

Join us on the journey to bring the art of the ages into your home and your heart.  

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