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Accent Desk Lamp, Lamp Art, Kids Bedroom or Office Accent Home Decor

Accent Desk Lamp, Lamp Art, Kids Bedroom or Office Accent Home Decor

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Welcome our new design that creates a fusion of history and creativity. A tall drum-size lampshade adorned with three stunning watercolor paintings of a T-Rex dinosaur skeleton. Each image showcases the majestic beast in varying shades of beige, greens, blues, with striking accents of magenta and orange, bringing these ancient creatures to life in a unique and artistic way. (NOTE: there is a matching throw blanket in my store)

Against a backdrop of plain white, the T-Rex skeletons stand proudly, reminding us of the magnificence of the prehistoric era. But that's not all - at the top of the shade and the bottom, are bands of stylized caveman hieroglyphics adding an extra layer of intrigue and storytelling. It's a subtle nod to the fascinating history that surrounds these mighty creatures, inviting you to step into the world of ancient mysteries.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and artistry, this lamp shade is a true conversation piece, inviting admiration and wonder from all who behold it. The carefully selected color palette and skillful watercolor technique make this lamp a captivating addition to any space, be it your bedside table or desk.

The smallish size of the lamp ensures it's a perfect fit for anywhere and the unique one of a kind design is sure to be an exceptional accent and conversation piece for your home or office.

Key features:
• Polyester fabric trimming that allows contrasting and colorful high-resolution prints
• Shade ensures warm and cozy lighting for every time of the day
• US/CA supported type A plug
• Stick lamp comes with a type-A plug used in the United States and Canada
• 13 Watt compact florescent or 60 Watt Incandescent or LED
• 100 -127 V
• One size – 20” x 7”

Unpacking and Care instructions:
The lamp comes inside of the box with the shade packed upside down. When you remove it from the box (following the instructions printed on the inner flaps), you remove the plastic ring, remove the shade, turn the shade right side up and then secure it to the socket with the plastic ring again.; Clean by wiping with a soft, damp cloth.


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