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Beautiful Snow Leopard Blanket Throw, Nature Lover Minky Top Soft

Beautiful Snow Leopard Blanket Throw, Nature Lover Minky Top Soft

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Enjoy the wild beauty of this beautiful Minky top blanket, which has a fascinating black-and-white drawing of a snow leopard sneaking up on its prey. The beautiful big cat is shown in a balanced stalking stance, moving silently across the fabric with a sharp, focused gaze that looks right through the viewer.

The artwork uses the snow leopard's typical black and white colors, along with soft gray tones that bring out its natural disguise. The eyes are the most interesting part. They are painted a striking golden color that makes you think of the wild, which makes the predator's approach to its food even more intense. It comes in four different colors: pure white, deep black, medium gray, and the intriguing "Cats Eyes" shade, which looks like a leopard's eyes.

Each color changes the cat's personality, showing different sides of its grace and stealth. This 50-by-60-inch blanket is big enough to wrap around you and surround you with warmth and the mysterious presence of a snow leopard. With each use, it invites you to become one with the wild. Keep it cozy all year with this super-soft sherpa blanket.

Great for snuggles by the fireplace but light enough to carry for a power nap. Print high-definition designs on the 100% poly front. The back has a tan sherpa lining. Rounded corners and decorative stitching keep everything sleek and smooth. 100% polyester-printed mink with ultra-soft tan sherpa backing: One-sided print


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