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Bobcat Wildlife Christmas Stocking - Personalized A Bobcat Woodland with Berries

Bobcat Wildlife Christmas Stocking - Personalized A Bobcat Woodland with Berries

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🎄Bobcat Wildlife Christmas Stocking - Personalized A Bobcat Woodland with Berries, Custom Cat Holiday Decor: Bring a unique touch of nature to your holiday decor with our extra large Christmas stocking featuring a beautiful watercolor painting of a bobcat in a snowy woodland. The majestic bobcat is half-hidden by a snow-covered spruce tree, with intertwined sticks and wild red berries adding to the natural scene. This stocking stands out with its non-traditional Christmas theme, focusing more on the beauty of nature than on gifts and presents. Measuring 19.5 inches by 13 inches, it’s perfect for the man or woman who loves the outdoors. Celebrate the season with this stunning and distinctive stocking. 🐾❄️✨

🎄This stocking captures the spirit of the season in a unique and elegant way. It has an original painting and design of animals of angels, as well as Christmas greenery and bright red ribbons. It's a good size at 13 inches by 19.3 inches long (33cm by 49cm), so it has plenty of room for your holiday gifts.

🎄The loop on the top of the stocking makes it easy to hang it anywhere in your home, bringing the beauty of this horse-themed holiday art to every corner. This stocking is the perfect combination of holiday charm and sophistication. It is made of 100% polyester fake suede and has a beautiful print all over.

🎄🎨The artwork on this stocking is original and comes out of my own love of animals and all my years as an artist. I spent most of my life drawing horses and animals. They are amazing. Much of the work is drawn from my old artwork but recrafted digitally with computer art software.

👉👉Please note that this stocking ships out of the U.K. The shipping fee charged is the actual cost. If you live outside of the UK - YOU MUST ORDER THIS EARLY TO ASSURE YOU HAVE IT BEFORE YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATING. WITH TODAY'S MAIL SYSTEM, IT CAN TAKE 3 WEEKS TO GET THE STOCKINGS. This personalized stocking adds a custom touch to your decorating and storing needs. Made with luxuriously soft faux suede, this stocking features a hanging loop for convenient placement anywhere around the house. • Material: 100% polyester faux suede • One size: 13" × 19.3" (33cm × 49cm) • Hanging loop

👉👉 Please note that there are no returns as the stocking is customized for you and as such can not be returned.  Stockings will be replaced if there is a misprint by the printer. 


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