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Cute Cartoon Dog Slide Sandals - Trendy Cartoon Dog Shoes, Loveable Mutt Shoes Dog Lover

Cute Cartoon Dog Slide Sandals - Trendy Cartoon Dog Shoes, Loveable Mutt Shoes Dog Lover

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Super cute Dog Sandals for the playful side of you! Slide Sandals, a delightful canvas of joy featuring adorable cartoon dogs that are sure to light up your day. With a playful touch, these sandals showcase a captivating illustration of five endearing mutts, each in a different delightful doggie hue, seated on the band that gracefully spans your foot. Set against a pristine white background, their irresistible cuteness is bound to bring a smile to your face. Crafted with love and precision, these sandals are more than just footwear – they're an embodiment of happiness and creativity.

The edge-to-edge strap customization showcases a high level of craftsmanship that won't peel, crack, or fade over time, rivaling renowned household brands in quality. The straps, ingeniously fashioned from neoprene and polyester, provide a snug and irritation-free fit, making each step a comfortable breeze. Engineered with an ergonomic sole, these sandals prioritize your comfort, allowing you to revel in the summer season without a hint of discomfort. Whether strolling along the beach or embracing urban adventures, these sandals not only make a style statement but also offer a cozy haven for your feet. Don't miss the chance to showcase your individuality with these remarkable sandals that bear the brand name on the sole, a mark of distinction in every step you take. Please note that the straps are not removable, ensuring a secure and stylish fit throughout your summer escapades. Take on the summer heat with style thanks to these personalized slide sandals for women.

Made with PU outsoles and an edge-to-edge strap customization that will never peel, crack, or fade, these sandals feature a high-end quality factor comparable to household-name brands. The straps are made with neoprene and polyester to avoid chafing while the ergonomic sole keeps discomfort at bay. .: Material: 100% PU (polyurethane) outsoles / polyester & neoprene straps .: Black & white outsole color options .: Printed strap surface .: Includes brand name on the bottom of the sole .: *Straps are NOT removable

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