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Dad Hugs Throw Blanket, Personalized Blanket Coverlet, I Love You Blanket, Beautiful Polar Bear

Dad Hugs Throw Blanket, Personalized Blanket Coverlet, I Love You Blanket, Beautiful Polar Bear

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Dad Hugs Throw Blanket, Personalized Blanket Coverlet, Customized Love You Blanket: Do you want to send a hug that will last and last? Become softer and more loving with warmth for years to come? Remind someone that they are always loved? This Blanket will help you remind someone that you have sent them a "HUGE Bear Hug". Cards get lost over time but blankets don't and sometimes when you most need it... it can bring comfort.

Customize this blanket to be from whomever you want. Anyone that wants to send a bear hug to anyone. Best of all, the art work on the blanket is original and unique to the shop. With quality in mind, this blanket is made with a soft, 100% polyester-printed mink front that shows off high-definition patterns. It will make a unique and interesting addition to your space. On the back, there is an extra layer of warmth and comfort from the ultra-soft tan sherpa filling. This blanket looks sleek and classy with its rounded sides and pretty stitching. Our Scandi Folk Art Blanket comes in two sizes and is the perfect mix of style and functionality, making it a must-have for any season or event. The blanket comes in two sizes.

All of my products are designed by me, including the creation of the digital art. I have been an artist for 30+ years. This blanket is unique and one of a kind, and I appreciate you stopping by to visit.

Keep it cozy all year with this super-soft sherpa blanket. Great for snuggles by the fireplace, picnics, and a quick power nap. Print high-definition designs on the 100% poly front to keep it personal. The back has a tan sherpa lining. Rounded corners and decorative stitching keep everything sleek and smooth. 100% polyester-printed mink with ultra-soft tan sherpa backing Available in two sizes One-sided print


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