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Personalized Angel Christmas Stocking: Extra Large Size

Personalized Angel Christmas Stocking: Extra Large Size

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Introducing the pinnacle of festive elegance—our personalized Christmas stocking, which is a beautiful painting of an angel. In this gorgeous stocking, an angel is shown in all of her heavenly splendor. Her flowing white dress and ethereal wings are artistically painted in creamy pastels that harmoniously mix into a background of calm pastel gray. This stocking's artwork is an example of how strong, assured brushstrokes and delicate, misty edges may work together to create a stunning, otherworldly vibe.

 This stocking, which is made of soft faux suede, has a hanging loop for easy placing anywhere in the house. 100% polyester faux suede is 13" x 19.3" (33 cm x 49 cm), one size and has an all-over pattern with a loop for Holidays hanging. This personalized santa gifts stocking is super sized, and adds a custom touch to your decorating and storing needs.

About the Studio Design: All my stockings have original artwork and designs from the artist. I create everything from scratchEach is unique yet can be customized if needed. Personalization is included if desired.

🎄📢NOTICE: USA and International Customers not living in the UK.📢 Please do not order after DEC 1ST. There is a risk you will not get your stocking before Christmas. These extra large premium stockings are only available in the UK, and therefore require passage through Customs. Currently 2-3 days production 3-4 days shipping to USA customs, then 3-7 USA delivery with Customs. Do the Math before ordering. :(  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. A much smaller version of this stocking is available from a USA printer if needed.  Contact me with questions please.


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