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Vintage Books and Flowers Throw Blanket, Unique Literary Art Mosaic

Vintage Books and Flowers Throw Blanket, Unique Literary Art Mosaic

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Indulge in the rich and enchanting world of literature with "The Literary Mosaic Blanket," a blanket that combines the artistry of eight distinct paintings into a captivating mosaic of antique books and vibrant flowers. Each tile tells a story of its own, with books stacked in an artful arrangement, adorned by a delightful array of flowers in jewel-toned hues of blues, maroons, tans, creams, pinks, and occasional hints of black. The color-coordinated bands surrounding each tile add a touch of elegance and create a harmonious, haphazard pattern that celebrates the beauty of randomness. A unique touch adorns each band as well - the name of a book library genre.

From history to romance, fiction to biographies, these genre titles evoke the magic of diverse literary worlds, inviting you to delve into tales that transport the imagination. As you wrap yourself in this stunning mosaic, you'll find yourself not only warmed physically but also embraced by the timeless stories and the essence of blooming creativity. "The Literary Mosaic Blanket" is more than just an ordinary covering; it's a work of art that pays homage to the written word and the boundless beauty of nature.

Perfect for cozying up with a good book or simply savoring the intricate design, this blanket is a testament to the endless joys found within the pages of a well-loved tome. Immerse yourself in the literary realm as you revel in the vibrant colors and stories entwined in this delightful creation. Keep it cozy all year round with this super-soft sherpa blanket. Great for snuggles by the fireplace, picnics, and a quick power nap.

Print high-definition designs on the 100% poly front to keep it personal. The back has a tan sherpa lining. Rounded corners and decorative stitching keep everything sleek and smooth. .: 100% polyester printed mink with ultra-soft tan sherpa backing .: Available in two sizes .: One-sided print


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