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Womens Cute Cat Slippers, Whimsical Cat Shoes, Coffee or Tea Cat, Unique Cat Scuffs

Womens Cute Cat Slippers, Whimsical Cat Shoes, Coffee or Tea Cat, Unique Cat Scuffs

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Cute Golden Doodle Slippers, Unique Watercolor Slippers - Introducing our delightful Women's 100% Polyester Slippers, designed to bring a touch of whimsy and comfort to your everyday life. These charming slippers feature a heartwarming watercolor painting of a cute and happy dog, adding a touch of playfulness to your relaxation routine.

Crafted from high-quality polyester, these slippers are exceptionally soft and cozy, providing your feet with the pampering they deserve. The slip-resistant sole ensures stability and safety, making them perfect for lounging around the house or even quick errands. Whether you're a dog lover or simply want to brighten up your downtime with a dose of cheerfulness, our watercolor dog slippers are the perfect choice for both comfort and style.

Embrace comfort and style with these women's slippers that make a delightful fashion statement. These slippers are made from 100% polyester, offering superior softness and durability. What sets them apart is the adorable and whimsical watercolor painting of a happy dog, which is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you slip them on. With a snug and secure fit, non-slip soles, and an enchanting design, our watercolor dog slippers are an excellent addition to your loungewear collection. Elevate your relaxation and add a touch of personality to your indoor attire with these charming slippers that combine comfort and a delightful canine companion in one delightful package.

ART ON SLIPPERS, Comfy house shoes – slippers for women designed by FlooredByArt. Watercolor painting is original from an independent artist. All designs are originally artwork being share in practical use. We include current original works and classic old - world art. These slippers are very cute and comfy and can be washed. Best for indoor wearing.

Each slipper is made 100% with soft, comfy flannel fleece fabric while the outer sole is flexible, anti-skid, and delivers higher durability along with a better grip on shiny floors. Each pair comes with removable insoles, making possible the use of custom foot orthotics. Key features • Flannel fleece fabric -Made of 100% polyester, this soft and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly • Anti-slip textured outsole -

Flexible rubber outsole for better grip, durability, and anti-slip • Removable insole - A removable insole makes it easier to clean and dry • Care instructions - To maintain clean, use warm water with dish soap to clean off any dirt spots. It’s not necessary to soak the whole item. For hard-to-clean spots, use a soft-bristled brush. US size • Small 7-8 (heel to toe 10.2”) • Medium 9 – 10 (Heel to toe 10.39”) • Large 11-12 (heel to toe 10.79”) • Width is just over 4 inches across. Technology & Inks We use Grando CEJ-1803 Digital Printers with environmentally friendly water-based inks for imaging that delivers consistent quality and high pixel clarity. Quality control Multiple manual quality inspections are done throughout the whole manufacturing and packaging process by experienced operators, guaranteeing strict industry standards to satisfy customers. Packaging control Well packaged with self sealing poly bags to guarantee the water and dust resistance. It effectively prevents the product from being damaged during the delivery. 

  US 7 - 8 US 9 - 10 US 11 - 12
EU size 39 - 40 40 - 41 42 - 43
Heel to toe (inside), in 10.20 10.39 10.79
Width, in 4.02 4.09 4.21



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